Space-Brewery-Assosiation Looking for EU TZ Player

Welcome to the Brewery o7 - we love PVP

A bit about us:

  • PVP Focused, small scale (KILLBOARD )
  • Based in amarr FW lowsec (DOTLAN )
  • Voice Comms and chat app (TS, Discord, Whatsapp)
  • friendly, co-operative culture
  • EU TZ, early US TZ
  • Amarr FW (we are one of the oldest amarr FW corps, having many player in the all-time Amarr Top 100 , TOP 10 alltime Amarr Militia Corp)
  • part of the TMOCC alliance

Here you can find some impressions of the content we can offer:

What we expect from you:

  • be active at least one or two times a week (more is better - but as always RL first)
  • around 10 to 15 million SP (be able to fly a bunch of frigs and dessis and have support skills at 4)
  • be able and willing to use TS (not only for fleets)
  • participate actively in our community

Our old guard corp operates amongst a number of expert corporations and alliances, so there will many opportunities to join fleets.

We love PVP, wanna undock and directly have a fight? Then you should join us today!

Join our public channel “[S-B-A] public” and chat to a corpie if you wanna know more.

push it

push it

up again

up up up

up again

Harkon also says we are the best :slight_smile:

up after one of the biggest fights we ever had

new video :slight_smile:

after taking floseswin we might go back to more small scale pvp … or will we? … join today and find out

push it, another successful citadel defence

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