Space Heaters. - Looking for more awesome players to join us!


Space Heaters.
Here to make space a bit warmer through industry and explosions!

We’re a chill group of versatile players that does mostly mining and industry in a .5 high sec system. Totally new player friendly and always happy to assist in your growth!

We offer:

• Multiple Moons with a new belt available every other day

• Ore/Mineral/PI buyback program

• Daily mining ops with Orca boosts

• Azbel Engineering station for production, research and invention with an Athanor T2 refinery

• Alliance level PvE events and PvP roams

What we're looking for

Chill players that just wants to have fun in this game.

Inquire today!

In game Recruitment Channel: Heat.Recruits

Recruitment Discord Here

Recruitment Pump! :muscle:


Join us in destroying moons! :smiling_imp:

Still open for more!


Join us in our rock munching!


Still recruiting!

Looking for more! We have activity in all timezones :earth_africa:

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