Space Cows Coast to Coast seeking players

Hello every one who reads this im posting here to see if there are any miners would like to do some high sec mining with me and my group. We are about 6 or 7 right now and every ones able to to mine if 4 of us get on we are able to fill an orca in an hour or 2. we have a refinery that has the reprocessing at 54 percent and i myself have the needed skills to get it up to 75 percent on the high sec ore. just seeing if any one wants to join our little mining group and have some fun we mine regularly each day. we are currently located in amarr space. We use discord to voice chat and text and get people online during the day and one member is making us a website. If you feel we could be friends and want to join the group let me know :slight_smile: you can either message me here on the forums or add me on discord at wolfhound#5230 thanks for any one who responds :slight_smile:

i forgot to mention that alpha players or omega players is ok either way wede be happy to have ya :slight_smile:

Joined as an alpha player earlier this week and got to partake in a mining operation! It was a fun group of players and would be happy to have others join in on the fun! Very easy going crowd.

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