SpaceGhosts. EU PVP Corp Recruiting

SpaceGhosts. (SGBOO)

We are an EU pvp corp currently based out of high sec. We have aspirations of eventually taking sov in null as a small allliance/coalition.

We want to stay true to our roots.

The founding pilots of Spaceghosts spent most of their time as pirates around FW lowsec. We would like to stay true to that by anchoring an astrahus in our old mother system for gatecamps/FW roams and other low sec stuff. Even when we have space in null our aim is to maintain that one system that brought us so much joy and content.

Would you like to be a part of a fresh community? Would you like to break free from the blue donut and carve your own path? We would like you to join us.

Our current situation

  • High sec living
  • low sec/null PVP
  • Missions/Mining/abyssal deadspace
  • small gang/medium fleet

Our Short term goal

  • Anchor astrahus in old pirate home system
  • get access to level 5 missions around old home
  • install jump clones and stock up on ships

Our long term goal

  • Claim sov in null of our own.

If you are interested in joining please get into contact with us. You can do this via Discord or public chat on eve.

Eve pub - SpaceGhosts Public
Discord - SpaceGhosts.
Killboard - SpaceGhosts. | Corporation | zKillboard

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