[SpaceMart] SEA Asian Mining/PVP Training Corp [MY/SG/THA/IND/AU]

Welcome to SpaceMart Co.

Purpose: Corp was formed to gather around eve players from SEA regions so that we all (working/uni class) can play together in our timezone which should be around GMT +7 till GMT+10.

Benefits (New to Eve):
1.) Basic and Intermediate Level PVP training, guidance and lots of sponsored PVP roams to low/null. You just need to have the will to participate.

2.) Miners and krabbers welcome!!, we provide free mining barges and frigates for corp mining ops.

3.) Progression plan for miners into logistic pilots to help out pvp ops.

4.) Dedicated newbros will received sponsored skill injectors toward achieving their pvp/mining goals faster on a case by case basis.

Benefits (Vet):
1.) A common group of people who you can play in the same TZ as you since SEA players have the weird end of the timezone in EVE.

2.) Full Ship Replacement Program (SRP) for reasonable Subcaps PVP fights (Solo/Roam/Corp Ops).

3.) A relaxing no drama area where we can link NSFW memes and talk ■■■■.

We utilise Discord for our daily activities and highly encourage members to join in the fun.

What we expect?
1.) Preferably if you play during SEA TZ (GMT+7 till GMT+10 ish)
2.) No minimum SP
3.) Be chill, have a good laugh and keep blasting dudes.
4.) Be on discord, game is based around communities, so no shy shy asian boiis.

How to Join?
PM or mail “Sze Ling” in game for more discussion or post here.

No API keys required!

Bump… Come app now my fellow asian boiiss

Come come and contract the yellow fever… Bump

Bumpy Bump… Still looking for more peeps to play with.

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