Spider tanking - remote reps vs local reps, why? PvP noob

Just wondering what makes spider tanking good. I was thinking remote reps do what local reps do right? except you dont have to bother targeting someone. Like with several dominixes.

Also, does anyone have good spider tanking fit for multiboxing dominix in pvp, like ESS defense?


  • Moving the repper up from a low slot to an open high slot frees up lowslots for other stuff (such as damage mods)
  • Remote reps allow a fleet to concentrate their repping power on the ship that has agro. Local reps, on the hand, accomplish nothing when that ship doesn’t have agro.
  • Remote reps move ships up on the agro table relative to their drones, which helps keep agro on the ship, and off of your drones.
  • Local reps and remote reps use different amounts of CPU, PG, and capacitor. Thus, switching from local to remote reps might be required to make the fit work (for example, if you’re short on PG, but have CPU and cap to spare, switching from local armor reps to remote armor reps would free up a bunch of PG).


  • Ships have to remain within rep range of each other
  • It introduces the potential for more human error, as it requires people to broadcast for reps and switch their reps over. This isn’t particularly hard, but I’ve seen a crap ton of people (especially newbros) broadcast late, and sometimes people are slow to switch their reps for whatever reason. And, while rare, it also increases the likelihood that someone accidentally gets themselves concorded because they had their safety off, and accidentally shot the person they were trying to rep.
  • Spider tanking makes good use of utility highs (when a ship has more highslots than hardpoints, those extra highslots are referred to as utility highs). However, having to reduce the amount of turrets/guns you can fit to your ship in order to spider tank means making a huge sacrifice. Naturally, it’s a tradeoff that you often don’t want to make.
  • Requires a friend or an alt.

FYI, people like spider tanking domi’s because most of their damage comes from their drones. So, using the highslots for remote reps/cap transmitters doesn’t cost the ship a whole lot, it frees up low slots (and possibly mid slots if a remote cap transfer is taking the place of mid slot cap mods), and it helps keep agro off of the drones.

The kings of spider tanking, however, are the Triglavian ships. They get all get one or more utility highs and bonuses to remote reps.

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Thank you so much for that detailed response. It was very helpful. Just another question off something you mentioned - how well do the large precursor weapons track cruisers?

Honestly, the only thing I’ve used leshaks for is bashing structures. However, entropic disintegrators get the best tracking for turrets in their size class (even beating out blasters). So, they should do relatively well. And if you’re going to brawl with it, I definitely recommend fitting a web or two, as that will drastically improve your damage application.
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