Spies Wanted

Spy candidates and spymasters apply now to our corp/alliance or PM me.

We are a new, small, role-play enterprise; join us to Make Eve Great Again!



Credo crusaders welcome more kill mails

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I can spy on all the gankers’ activities, but it will cost you 10b isk.

i’ll do it for 9 bil

I accept your surrender.

Well, well…I appreciate the offer.

But my ad is for players to JOIN our corp, not try to gank our ISK :heart_eyes:

I love this game lol


inb4 your targets also recruit their own spies…

That would just make things more fun!

I have many alts that can join your corp, 10b each.

Those offering mercenary contracts for billions of ISK are, by definition, not spy material, sorry.

Get a grip…if you aren’t qualified [as these guys asking for ISK are, obviously, NOT qualified] don’t apply, please.

We’re trying to build something here - we can contract with very large corps for mercenary assistance for less than these offers, so individual “ISK gankers and scam artists” without qualifications…no need to apply.

hint: making an offer here in the public forum automatically disqualifies you,…for crying out loud!

Hard to believe, out of the thousands of players, new and old, here on these forums that only a few brave souls have taken up the challenge, so far.

Aren’t there a few more that want to do something no other corp has done? Once the offer ends, we will disappear from known space, so if we show up on YOUR doorstep…don’t come crying to me. You won’t be able to find me anyway…and you won’t know it if you do!


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