Spreadsheet plug-in for LibraCalc

Not sure this is the right place for this suggestion but it involves 3rd party software and such.

We now have an Excel Spreadsheet plug-in for Eve. And while I recognize they did this in Partnership with Microsoft (and all the related corporate goals and do not compete contracts from that partnership)

The issue is that many people don’t own that software and are using Free, open source versions like LibraOffice. Its kind of cruel to give them the cold shoulder by limiting the availability to a corporate agreement to promote another product.

If I am wrong about that I apologize but from here this is my perception.

LibreOffice has hundreds of open-source programmers around the world and in all languages who program and manage that application, specifically the OfficeCalc package. And its free to everyone. So many, Many people use it. (like me)

Is there any way you CCP - or another developer here - could contact them and provide support (or even code) so they can incorporate eve API access?

Yes they can do it all themselves ( I cant help because I can’t figure out how to do it myself due to the alien language used to describe the whole concept on how it works, lol) but I suspect they would have to do 80% research on learning how it all works - for the 20% time it would take to create the code. Anyone’s help from here would make it 10 times easier.

I don’t know what NDA or Do Not Compete contracts CCP may have with outside parties concerning this but any help would be appreciated. Thank You.

Let me put it this way LibreOffice comes with many Linux distros, there is no official support for Linux

LibreOffice works fine on Windows/macOS. His point is that alternatives cost 160$ less.

An (unofficial) alternative to the official thing may be GESI for google sheets: GitHub - Blacksmoke16/GESI: Google Sheets™ ESI Add-on

You can also use office365 to get web excel for free just like Google docs.

We are discussing the Excel Add-on for connecting to Eve’s API.

Does Web Excel allow user add-ons? Would it work with the add-on and connect to an API?

It should Microsoft is moving to a cloud based service model for office

I use the free office 364 excel online. Works the same way and can use and install the plugin.

They even share an example sheet you can clone on the online excel

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Excel online just crashes repeatedly for me when I try to use the example spreadsheet. Another dismal failure.

Yes this is one reason I don’t use cloud features, that and the ‘Why In The World Would I share My Info’? thing. And don’t give me the propaganda about it is secure. If your data is not locked away on your own machine? Then It is not secure.

ANYWAY … Back to LibreOffice/OfficeCalc.

Anyone have any code to allow LibreCalc to connec to the EVE API… or a plugin?

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