SSO login - invalid scope 'esi-assets.read_assets.v1'


I have been playing around with ESI and python and have run in an issue with the ‘esi-assets.read_assets.v1’ scope during the SSO login process.
URL returns: {“error”:“invalid_scope”,“error_description”:“The requested ‘esi-assets.read_assets.v1’ scope is not valid.”}

It works successfully for all other scopes I have tried so far (e.g: esi-skills.read_skills.v1, esi-markets.read_character_orders.v1, esi-characters.read_blueprints.v1 to name a few) and I can’t figure out why that particular scope is invalid.

Any suggestions for me to look into ?

Thanks !

Did you forget to add that scope to your dev application?


Thanks !

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