SSO violates my privacy

Joining the company requires logging in to SSO. Currently SSO is too powerful, any data in the game can be queried through SSO, including data that I don’t want to share. For example, my assets, all my ships, my contacts, my market trading information and other game content. Even the league requires that white-name accounts that have not joined the company be reported, which is too ridiculous, making me like a transparent person, I don’t want to feel this way. This is a good aspect of effective management through SSO, but it is not a reason for the company and alliance management to infringe on personal privacy.

So stop using it then?

I think you are confusing ESI with SSO.


Then quit the game?

Problem solved.

Ill be taking your assets and ISK as thanks for helping you out.

I want players to have the option to open which data, rather than being forced to open all

Although it is a game, privacy is violated uncomfortable.

Simple, create your own Corp and don’t offer background checks

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Just join the New Order of Highsec. No SSO or ESI or whatever required, :sunglasses:


You own NOTHING in game. It is all CCP’s property, so your privacy is only anything personal you share.


You are chinese. Arent you used to your privacy being violated?


it depends on what types of permissions application you are logging in asks for and you are made fully aware of those permissions when you choose to agree or disagree.

For example: Pyfa asks for read permissions for character skills and read/write permission for ship fittings when you import a character.

If you are uncomfortable with providing information that is being asked - just dont give it, but then you dont get to join corporation/alliance you apply for.

BTW, before ESI there was an API system and corporations would ask for full api key anyway, so nothing has really changed by moving from API to ESI.

P.S. Am i the only one who finds it funny that Chinese person bothers with their privacy in game?


Losing all of your assets because you didn’t check your members and let a spy/thief into the corp is also uncomfortable.


You might wanna read that, to get further explanation on why SSO is used… Again, unless you are sharing any personal info, your actual username or password, you have no personal privacy being violated


I want a pink unicorn that craps money and pees the finest whiskey.

Also it has to be fluffy.


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This is now a fluffy abuse thread.

What is wrong with being Chinese and caring about privacy?

Nothing wrong, just a bit naive when the totalitarian government does not acknowledge that privacy should exist and executes anyone who doesn’t comply. I mean, when everything about your life is monitored for loyalty to see if you should be executed for organ harvesting does it really matter if someone in EVE sees your transaction history?


You will have to play solo I guess.


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