Stable and mature 0.0 Corp with secure null space

Are you a lone wolf doing your own thing or are you part of a small PVP or low sec corp.
or are you tired of living in a wormhole cut off from civilization, isolated and alone…?
or are you simply looking for a place to make more isk than you can in Empire?
Maybe you are looking to join a bigger more established Null sec Corp?
Do want to play the way you want to when you want to?
How about a chance to use you’re Capital ship in combat, PVP or PVE?

Then look no further! You have found what you are looking for, and more!

Minimum requirements:

  1. Being able to fly an fitted Interceptor or bomber.
  2. 5 mil or more SP

What we have to offer:

-0.8 and -1 truesec systems were you can easily make good ISK and LP’s.
Regular and secure Hauling from Jita 4-4 to our base of operations
Large active player base from all Major time zones
Corp buy program
Secure API managed TS3, Discord and Forums
A relaxed, no nonsense and mature Corp community
Comprehensive ship replacement program, we give 100% SRP for our main fleet doctrines.
PVP doctrine ship are available on contracts for a reasonable price.
FC training program is available for those that want to shape the sandbox.
New player friendly environment.

All this and more!!!

Join our public channel -TWEN- for more info.

Thank you
Kartlos Mileghere
Twenty Questions
Razor Alliance

Stop searching, join one of the best groups out there :slight_smile:

If a stable steady corp is what you want, then look no further.

Recruitment still open!

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