STA'IN is Recruiting! - (NPC Nullsec) PVE, Industry, PVP, FW - EU/US Time zone

Recruitment continues.

Recruitment open, happy to help those out coming back to game, here you can explore a variety of content.

Recruitment continues.
There are many ways to make isk in Stain and I suggest doing multiple things for best steady income (Sansha Missions, Belt Ratting, Combat Plexing, Relics, P.I, Moon Mining, Manufacturing). We can help you get setup and rolling that isk in. Apply today!

Recruitment ongoing!

Still recruiting! Great team, great content, come check us out today!

Recruitment ongoing, Drama free, solid group of active players in EU and US timezone.

Been flying with these guys since recently returning to EvE. I’m absolutely loving it - there’s always something to do, someone to help or be helped by… there’s no drama, politics or l33t g4m3rz. It’s just like being sat in a virtual pub. With exquisite ale. Before the hipsters discover it and the prices get hiked.

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Recruitment continues, taking all timezones as we are 24/7 but would like to see some more EU folks!

Recruiting is open, 24/7 corp, lots to do, various content available.

Recruitment continues, lots to do, ISK to make, content to be had. 24/7 corp, all timezones.

Recruitment continues:

STA’IN - 10+ Years Stain NPC Nullsec Residents.
-Living in Stain NPC Space. 24/7 Corp/All Timezones.
-New Player friendly with years of experience in Corp.
-Seeking Vets and old Stain dwellers also.
-Relaxed Atmosphere with Daily Activity.
-PVP and Indy focused.
-Space for you to explore and play the game the way you want to.
-PVP Training, Moon Mining, Faction/Officer Spawns, Intact Plate Relics, Burner Sansha Missions, Triple your earning potential.
-Access to SOV in Cache.
-Limited CTA’s.
-Mostly Older Players.
-Life first, community focused.
-Relaxed PVE, Local Blue Coalition.

-For recruitment, contact: L0rdF1end.
You can also reach me on Discord, feel free to ping me direct.

Fly Wise

Recruitment continues, great isk, various gameplay and content supported. Great Corp of helpful people.

Recruitment continues, looking for active pilots of all timezones that want to be involved and shape the future.

Hi all, I’m a returning player with heavy emphasis on mining. Looking for a Corp to mine with and also learn some good PVE/PVP experiences. Looking forward to hearing from you if interested!


Raze Jobo Sent you an in game mail. Let me know what is good to talk.

Can verify the best mining is in Null. Stain will provide you a wide array of ore/ice to choose from and we have a super supportive Corp with an expansive alliance behind us as well located there.

Speak with @L0rdF1end for details…

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Still recruiting, would like to further increase EU and US.

Taking all time zones, 24/7 activity. Friendly helpful atmosphere. Content Galore.

Recruitment ongoing, not enjoying the game? A good group can change that, come try us today!

Recruitment continues, fly wise folks.