Bored of daily SOV CTA's but want to live in Null? Then join STA'IN today!

We are a mature bunch with our own goals, we have lived in Stain 10+ years, never moved :slight_smile:
No daily CTA’s, no requirements to pack up and move to new Sov.
Relaxed gaming but with content and goals and an active corp of happy players ready to help you make the move to a better Eve.
Unless you want to grind those same Anoms everyday? Unless you want to be blops’d on while you try to mine your heavily taxed moon?
Oh, we have moons to, but zero tax.

Make the correct decision today and come by our Discord for a chat:

Looking for EU and US new recruits with at least 3 months in game.

Recruitment is open, come try out NPC space today!

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