Star-Tech Industries - Recruiting Null indy/Mining

Star-Tech Industries are looking for new capsuleers to boost our ranks. New/ Old & Returning pilots welcome.

Looking for a laid back freindly corp to help you intergrate into null sec, Then Star-Tech industries is for you. We are a small continually growing corp that are offering the chance to help pilots discover the riches of null. Primarily eu/uk TZ 60% eu 40%us active players.

What we can offer:
Skillplans for new players
Almost round the clock support & content
Daily boosting fleets
0% cost on Reprocessing, R+D & Manufacturing jobs for corp members
100% buyback on ores/minerals
Huge catalogue of BPO/BPC for use
Cap / Sub Cap construction facilities
Secure low traffic system in drone space.
Part of a small but strong growing alliance

Join Tech7 Pub in game and come speak with us!

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