Starglider7 - A tribute to this wonderful game

As I reach very close to an epic milestone in this game as I do in RL to, I’d like to take this opportunity to pay homage to this wonderful game and recount one or 2 stories that have stuck with me during my tenure here.

Starglider was born way back in 2007 after a work colleague divulged that he’d discovered this amazing game called EVE. (The only time I paid attention to the eejit)

14 Years later, I’m still playing and having a blast!

As I celebrate turning 200million SP (Mostly in cowardice) I have fond memories from my humble beginnings to where I am today.

My first loss was in an Iteron that ventured to low-sec because that’s where the cool rocks were …
Yes, mining in an Iteron and its subsequent loss was that make or break moment.
These days, I seldom mine!

PVP was, and is a thing and I soon found myself in FACWAR on the Gallente Side where I developed a love for the Thorax - This was back in the early days of FACWAR when the Gallente had some territory!
Made some great friends (whom I’m still touch with) and occasionally pop back to Old Man Star (was named after me!) to faff about in a Succubus and upset the locals.

My first proper 1v1 was a bum clenching fight with me in a Vexor, my opponent in a Moa …No Idea how I won

I needed Isk and the draw of Null Sec brought me into various Corps as I enjoyed the spoils of Null, I fondly remember looking at my first Arkanor Rock and being blown away at it’s beauty .

Null sec was fun as I wasn’t subject to being an F1 monkey and stuck in some war… Though I had my moments using skills from FW with various degrees of success …and epic fails…
The monotony of Null was to much though

Wormhole life represented vast opportunities and I’ve not looked back since.
I’ve lived in various class holes - and it’s just such a hoot.
I recently popped some Russian dude who was Heron doing a relic site… The level of tears and rage mail was spectacular. … God I love this Game…

I have made so many friends along the way and today I still fly with close friends where we regularly meet up and do …stuff. My thanks to you all for the comedy and drunken roams - you know who you are.

I never forget my roots though, This game has been good to me and from time to time, I pop back to my starter system (Cistuvaert) to help a new bro out with advice, skills or Isk etc…
(I’m sure I’ve given millions away to alts!!)

More recently, I’ve taken myself back to Null - Purely to steal ESI Banks and promote PVP (coming to yours soon!) …also CCP Release those Reserves!!

So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank CCP for this awesome game, and mostly you folk, the Player Base who keep me logging in on a daily basis.

From the heart, Thank you.



You’re welcome.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Nice post, though I thought it was a tribute to Firebird’s Starglider

That made me :rofl:

My dream is that the game is still here when I have the time to play again. :sob:

Gratz and welcome to the +200mil SP Club.

It’s a pleasure flying with you mate. Great post

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