Starlight Federation - Working for an Identity

In the days of the wild west in the United States, they used the word ‘grit’ to describe unyielding courage, stamina, fortitude, indomitable spirit, and devotion to what is right. Now that we’ve left behind our old home and come to a new frontier, the Starlight Federation is looking for pilots with grit. Upstanding, firm, fair, and enduring capsuleers to try to carve a home out of the wilds of New Eden.

Basic Information Bullet List (Click to Expand)
  • Newly formed, few members. (At the time of this writing, 3)
  • We accept new players and alpha clones.
  • Based in high security Gallente space.
    • We also have a very mild presence in nearby low security space.
  • Not Red Don’t Shoot (NRDS) engagement policy.
  • Primarily active between 05:00 and 11:00 eve time. (AUTZ, I believe.)
    • Also active during the USTZ on several days of the week.
    • All time zones are welcome to join, having a 24 hour presence is a goal.
  • We have a Discord. Joining it is optional.
  • We oppose petitions to CCP to make highsec safer.
  • We are war eligible.
  • No multiboxing is allowed.
  • No AFK play for profit is allowed.

In particular, we are looking for capsuleers who want to have an identity, and who want to be able to make a meaningful difference in each other’s lives without having to commit a great deal of their time or money to guarantee their continued relevance. To protect this opportunity, the Federation prohibits multiboxing, and puts severe limitations on multiple characters. I want people who help each other more than I want people who create more characters to help themselves.

The Federation is war eligible. We intend to be peaceful, but we also intend to stand our ground. We welcome indy, pvp and pve pilots in any time zone with open arms, but you must be willing to stand with your corporation and alliance when the chips are down. We will help you do what you want to do in New Eden, and expect you to help us go where we want to go, too. You won’t be required to complete a specific task list, or engage our enemies ship to ship, but you should want to provide some assistance in line with your skills and talents when those skills or talents are in need. If you can’t fly a combat ship, perhaps make one for someone who can. If you can’t make ships, perhaps provide escort and safety for someone who can. If you want to matter, you must choose to make a difference in someone’s life.

The Federation seeks to be a respected organization in New Eden. We should neither provide tears, nor try to mine salt from our fellows. We should lead by example, and avoid telling people how to play their game. Some will love us, some will hate us, and some won’t care one way or the other, but we should treat all players with respect, regardless of their play style. Fight ships with ships, opinion and hearsay with facts, and rage with reason. Forgive first, and incinerate the ships and capsules of any who have abused our charity. Never, though, treat a player with disrespect. Be better than that. Be better than them, and be humble about it.

You can mail Qia Kare (that’s me!) if you have questions, comments, or wish to associate or ally with us. I also take suggestions on how to revise this ad, because I suck at writing ads, if you haven’t noticed. I am trying to create something a little different, and the standard ad formatting did not seem up to the task at hand.


Basically , I am particulary interessted in the motivation, philosofy and style of this group . Nothing wrong with you “add” :slight_smile: !

Nete and fair … I don’t mind hefty explosions, warfare and battle … Though I thouroghly, explicitly am against the bad vibrations a lot of peple like to leave on others. Another reason to see fit in fitting here!

I don’t mind it to be in the early stages. I’d like to help raise a super one of an alliance and a grand day in the process!

I’m a giving it a go with these gents and have a convo!

I might be letting hearing from me!

All the best,


This sounds pretty good, indeed!

Cool mind-set to work with !

Nicest !!! ,

Pretty 'elite" motivation this alliance has, here. If you asked me … I’d decided for a checkup and a rendevous with an insider…

The core of the team seems to be nicely attituded, positvely attended, friendly and goodlyminded…

I can be Accounted in for!

I Salute them… o?

Take care there, then.

Is this still a thing?

2012… Their killboard is nonexistent too except for losses. I would say they’re dead

That’s February the 12th of this year, if you’re talking about the post date.

This is still ‘a thing’, at least if you ask me. Your requirements for significance may vary from mine. I have two regular players who are very helpful and seem comfortable with our alliance ethos. I have one more who is taking a break from Eve. The two enthusiastic posts from the 18th are, with irony, both alts. I have allowed this person to join with a single character and have been keeping an eye on him.

Our killboard is all losses, and it is likely to stay that way for a while. We are a small fish trying to swim in a big pond, and we are trying to do so in a way that is sub-optimal (that is, without alts). It is difficult, and that’s why people will need to have grit if they’re going to join. It’s not an easy life.

I don’t recruit aggressively. I also like to make sure everyone knows just what they’d be signing on for. I would rather find a player a corporation/alliance they’re happy in than have them unhappy in mine. This isn’t a numbers game. It is the exact opposite. These few people mean something. They matter, at least to me, and I try to promote an environment in which they can feel important and valuable. It would be difficult to do this with careless expansion. Perhaps I am too slow, or too careful, and that would be a fair criticism.

Honestly, if someone else had started an alliance with similar values, I probably would have joined them. I didn’t see any, though, and rather than wait for someone else to create what I wanted to see, I did it myself. The alliance is not meant to be popular. My principles and philosophy will not appeal to very many, but those few who would agree with me deserve a home, too. This is a challenge for me. No bones about it.

Challenge accepted.


We can change that pretty quickly.

I am not a big fan of bumping my own topics, but I was recently asked a few questions, and thought I would share them and the answers thereto.

Are you role-players?

We do not currently engage in roleplay. Individuals may do so, if they wish, but nobody currently does and there is no formal decree on the subject to influence anyone’s behavior.

Why is friendly fire set to legal?

I could attempt to justify this with such things as the freighter webbing trick or corporation mock fighting, but the reasons are mainly social. I think that setting helps screen out applicants who would not be suitible for corporate membership in the first place. People afraid of being shot by their own corp members should more carefully consider their decision to join. I also think that people who are unable to conquer that fear are likely to be unable to withstand a wardec.

What’s your stance on occasionally selling PLEX to avoid grinding?

I would prefer that you could get away with sourcing whatever you’d be grinding for from someone willing to construct it for you. The goal is to make a group that is interdependant. Manufacturers and miners will need protection, PvPers will need ships. If it is not possible to obtain what you need by other means, and the recourse would be either grinding or PLEX, by all means buy PLEX if you prefer. I do not want people to be unhappy when playing Eve.

  • I did not put this in the reply to the asker, but I also think it’s a bit shady to try and regulate real life purchase decisions in my role as CEO of a fictional corporation. Just not gonna open that can of worms.

Do you accept people who have English as a second language?

My main concern here would be the ability to communicate to people who speak only English. If you generally understand and generally speak understandably in English, there is no problem. I consider being multilingual a strength and would be pleased to have people who could speak in other languages, even if their English is less than perfect.

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