Starting a new corp from scratch

Hi there!

I am building a new corporation from scratch in Khanid space (Sib Constellation, close to lowsec) and so I am looking for old and new souls who are interested in the same endeavor. Though I am a returning player, I decided to start a fresh character since the last time I played was 15 years ago.

If you want to help build something with your experience, or if you are new to the game aswell and want to explore what Eve is all about, feel free to write me ingame to join forces.

Even though I already created a corp, does not mean that this is set in stone. If other capsuleers have the same idea and want to get together, we can decide on a name and ticker together!

Current goal is of course to set foot in Sib, do PvE for the money, build something, and so on. Of course, PvP is a long term goal, and expanding into nullsec of wh space is an interesting goal aswell. But everyone has to start small.


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