Starting to train a skill on one character while another is training should ask you if you want to pause training on the actively training character

Not sure if this has been asked before, but I find this really annoying.

I have a few accounts and I am not willing to pay for multiple character training. However, sometimes, like today, I want to train a short skill to level 1 or something else for a while and my other character has a active skill queue.

So I need to log out of the game, then log back in and chose that character, pause skill training and then log out and back in again in order to train my other character.

If you try to start your skill queue on character A when character B is training today you get a pop-up box saying you can buy a MCT pass either at account management or on the market.
It would be very nice if it would also suggest to stop training on character B and start training on character A if you say yes.

It wouldn’t affect MCT sales, and would save people some time :slight_smile:
What do you think?


+1 to that

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You need to stop the clock on the character currently training before you can start the clock on the character you want to train and two characters on the same account can’t be active at the same time. I’m sure the client could be rewritten to support it but there are higher priority issues.

This barely has anything to do with the client. Anything you do in the client triggers a server-side response, event or action. Whenever you start or stop your skill queue on a character it interacts with the server that sorts it out.
CCP has all the information they need to make this happen quite easily, unless there is some technical hurdle with the skill system.

Yeah, about that.

See, this is a pretty obvious thing, right? Here’s a 2015 thread on the same. Here’s a request in the little things thread. I’m just not interested in finding any more references. So yes, this is definitely a thing because, frankly, it’s obvious.


Here’s a reddit thread where such a thing was inadvertently implemented and it very much broke things. It turns out that it’s not a trivial request probably, as suggested in that 2015 thread:

Basically it’s a legacy code issue. You can’t remotely access characters until you “connect” with them and once you do so the client is “locked” into that character.

So it actually has everything to do with the client, and it is indeed a technical hurdle.

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