Stasis Grappler, which skills buff it?

anyone there can help me find the skills there buff heavy stasis grappler?

I would assume propulsion jamming since its a BS and up sized web.

Looking at my ingame attribute window of a fit heavy stasis grappler, I see only one modified value.

Seems only ‘heat damage’ is affected, by the thermodynamics skill:

Propulsion jamming doesn’t seem to affect the heavy stasis grappler, but it does affect the activation cost of my regular web and scram:

ah… yea i was looking up tracking on eve wiki and it mentioned the skill for web but i didn’t see anything for the grappler… thats why i assumed…

i don’t normally use webs/scrams etc so i wasn’t sure, just putting things together that i was reading.

I would’ve assumed the same, were it not that the game told me otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The interdictiont maneuvers mode on skirmish links wills buff the range of webs / grapples and other tackle modules.

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