Statement Regarding Caldari Union Day & Labor

Okay, let’s return to the start.

What exactly you want to improve? Free education, free healthcare, almost no personal taxes — this alone is much more than any other empire gives! Because it’s just a pure and simple efficency: people are fed and healthy — machine of State is well oiled and work. What else do you want?

I’m a realist with a vested interest in actually attainable goals by building a rainbow coalition that best serves the most amount of people within the State with the smallest amount of impact on their daily lives. Questions of specific policy vary from corporation to corporation, workplace to workplace, depending on the specific needs faced by the actual material conditions of the factory worker. Things like revisited safety measures and compensation for injuries, workplace automation without workforce reductions, training to prepare workers for new innovation, accessible on premises daycare facilities, standardized space regulations and occupancy limits for workers living in communal berthing.

Some are fortunate to have these already, others do not. In the megacorporate system, there isn’t any reasonable avenue for a citizen to choose their employment based on what benefits are offered and where; for the vast majority its just simply what parent corporation were you born into and who was hiring at the time. For this reason, the CEP needs to make some clear steps towards speaking with the actual workers of the State to meet their needs and finally set some standardized policies across the megacorporations.

Now on to the more misty eyed ■■■■, the stuff I dream to see in my lifetime but I refuse to let get in the way of tangible progress.

I believe that the first step towards building a more unified and cohesive state that can truly heal in the wake of the Invasion is the establishment of real, workers led unions with avenues for collective bargaining with management. I believe in preserving the union worker’s right not only to fair and equitable compensation for their labor based on the labor theory of value, but the necessity to share that aid with those who are unable or unwilling to work themselves due to extraneous factors. (Disability, medical leave, academic study, etc.) All still, I hold no sympathies toward liberal electorism as it simply doesn’t make a difference to people’s material conditions. The only “freedom” I’m interested in is freedom from wage theft, exploitation of labor, and the threat of abject poverty should anyone choose to pursue opportunities outside their current position; opportunities that might otherwise benefit not only themselves but the State at large through new innovation rather than forcing our people to stay in an exploitative working environment under penalty of becoming a non-person. Its my sincere belief that these improvements will either improve productivity such that any offset will pay for itself by creating more opportunity for the creation of capital, and that many of these “free” services some will argue the Caldari people aren’t entitled to are already paid for many times over in the economic output of the worker that is otherwise taken from them when they are paid a fraction of what their own labor is worth.

Many Caldari would point differences between “opportunity” and “outcome”.

When someone with less opportunities have been hammered (and survived) to the point of exquisite sharpness, it will either integrate the upper echelons or topple it.

To the collective, it is a win win situation, to the individuals that got dulled in the process however…

“Keep up or get left behind” is another thing many Caldari would point out.

I don’t. Again: I don’t think the actual structure of Caldari society is bad, or bad for the State. I just think calling a system that runs on nepotism, cronyism, and sucking up to those in power ‘a meritocracy’ because it has a thin veneer of ‘everyone gets tested for xyz and a statistically-insignificant number even manage to not be trapped in the jobs they were supposed to do for their whole lives’ is risible. The label, and the slavish, desperate clinging to the label, is the joke, not the functioning society it gets misapplied to.

I think the libertine, anarchic mess of Federal society is a completely different kind of joke. All that bickering and counting noses is just another form of hedonism, an indulgence of the ego of the everyman. 'You all matter! Your opinions matter!'1 when clearly, most of them don’t, and the real power isn’t held by the masses, but by the backroom dealers, lobbyists, and grifters who get things done. That’s not to say hedonism doesn’t have its charms… it certainly does… but there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing.

1. And if anyone thinks this is a perfectly good description of the IGS itself, congratulations. It never fails to amuse me how many Caldari and Amarr take it upon themselves to involve themselves in a fundamentally Gallente environment as this, and then harrumph and scold people for daring to voice their opinions. That’s all this place is, after all: an exercise in Gallente ego-centric hedonism.

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. . . and if we judge by frequency of opinion-sharing, then no one, dear Arrendis, plunges so far into the ego-centric hedonism of the IGS as you do. :wink:

I mean, duh?

Is pointing out that I’m an arrogant ass somehow supposed to be witty?

  • Caldari Chief Executive Panel Begins State Industrial Planning Summit Ahead of Caldari State Workers Union Day
  • Reformist and Radical Unofficial Caldari Workers Groups Split on Strategy Over Response to CEP Unity Calls
  • Official Workers Organizations of Big 8 Megacorps Invited to Submit Reform Proposals to CEP
  • Caldari State Workers Union Announces Increased Budget for Inter-Corporation Worker Solidarity Trips

My my. Bang the doldrums boys, maybe its not all as hopeless as we thought. All I’ve wanted was to see some actual tangible changes to signify an upward trend for the workers of the State. Seeing recognition of reform proposals penned by the actual workers rather than drafted by executives is the best sign I could have hoped for. Moreover, its hard to overstate the importance of the Worker’s Union increasing opportunities for workers to organize amongst themselves and maintain open communication with one another. I’m prepared to advise others to show patience and unity so long as the process remains transparent and at a steady progress.

I’m a radical but I’m not a demagog. I’m not in charge of anyone, much less leading any movement. I’ve only ever acted to supply the workers to act as they see fit to assert themselves. It’s my sincere hope that the workers of the State know the value of their own voice and labor and that they pen meaningful terms to present to the CEP, but I don’t pretend to be in a position to dictate those terms and how revolutionary or moderate they need to be. That must be decided by the working class alone. Above all else we need to have a unified and clear voice to fight for permanent changes while we are in a position of strength.


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