Static Data Export is out of date


the Static Data Export is out of date.
I can not find the new Industry changes.
For example:
Orca has some new material componentes like Core Temperature Regulator or Life Support Backup Unit.
These new components are missing in typeMaterials.yaml

It would be also helpful ,if there was a time stamp behind the file.

The forum is not the right place to ask for the SDE to be updated.
Either make a bug report or try your luck in the ESI channel on twitterfleet slack.

The SDE had Its timestamp removed to make the link static.
That is a big help if you have software downloading it.
It have a etag header you can check to see if it have changed.

Thanks for the hint, i send a bug report for this.

Typematerials is for reprocessing, not for manufacturing.

you want to look at blueprints.yaml

It’s been this way for years.

I work with the SDE all the time. (I think I’m a primary source for many people who use it. ) You can easily get me on discord (or the tweetfleet slack)

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