Stay Feral Mining Logistics and Manufacturing - Build the Empire!

I’m looking for some low/null mining. Where you guys located at?

We are in npc syndicate.

Looking for Indy people willing to defend their space

Looking for Indy people with teeth

Now is a great time for purpose driven content!!!

Looking for more pilots!!!

Looking for people
Interested in building an empire

Man things are really heating up!!!

I would join except I’m already a small part ,they are well organized and fun to be around you cannot go wrong joining them…

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Evil it’s always great flying with you and your guys!!!

Can’t even say how exciting things are

Op 1 success, here w go op2

Great time to join, setting up big plans!!

Need more industrial folks who want to make a difference

Looking for more indy bros

Looking for more fellas to build the empire!!

Recruitment is open!!

Building our Indy wing!

Great time to join, making lots of progress

Looking for more indy folks to build the empire