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Looking for more indy bros

Looking for Indy bros with teeth

Still accepting industry based players

Looking for Indy bros!!!

I am interested in getting some more information about the Corp. I looking for a tight knit group that willing to show me the ropes.

I have been playing EvE off and on for a few years. I never really drove too deep into the game but this go around I want to experience more than I have. I am mostly an Indy person with an emphasis on mining. I am willing skill up anything that might help the corp; even rerolling a new toon.

I am a teacher and a former Marine. That means I have no issue following orders and I will not bring any drama with me. I get enough of that in my day job. I have great mic and am active on voice coms. I look forward from hearing for you guys soon.

Be well,

Hey dude hit me up in discord, let’s chat!!

Doughboy61 [BELZ]#4150

Hey man. I might be interested in checking out your Corp. I am an old player in more ways than one. I have been in and out of this game for a while and pretty skilled up. I am heavily considering getting back into the game and want to get back into null, hard to stay away for too long. If you want, we should talk and see if I am a good fit for your corp and visa versa.

Awesome! Hit me up in our discord and we can chat when your available!!


Looking for more manufacturing, miners, inventors!!!

Looking for 30+ day chatacters

New recruits everyday

Looking for new dudes

Still accepting Industrial pilots

Recruitment is back open for selected pilots

Activate form of industrial dudes!!!

Looking for more industrial folks

Recruiting is awesome

Steadily growing, be part of succes

Looking for good folks!!

We are still accepting apps for mining and pvp people