Stealth Bomber/Tackle/Explorer seeking Corp

Hey all,

12 year player (with some massive multi year gaps) looking for a corporation to join.

You are:
Bomber/BLOPs friendly, preferably it being a built out part of your combat doctrine. I absolutely am a Bomber primary pilot at this point, and so unless bombers are useful to your corp I’m likely not a good fit.

IRL friendly, I’m in my mid thirties with a kid. I will always make a CTA when I can, but when I can’t I can’t.

Explorer friendly, preferably having a Corp/Alliance buyback program.

WH corps seem interesting to me, but be aware I spent most of my playtime in SovNull, and my interactions with Jspace are all exploration and NPSI, so if you are a WH corp it will likely take me time to get used to living in Jspace.

Willing to help a player back up to speed from a recent hiatus.

I am:
A veteran player who loves flying hero tackle, stealth Bomber shenanigans, and “fun”. I’m fully skilled in SBs, veteran of plenty of fleets, and an adept Explorer and interceptor driver. Self funded, and more concerned with comradery, opportunities, and “fun” than with profits.

I have ran FC for Smallgang/Nano/Bomber, but am by no means up to snuff after my hiatus, so will be willing to run fleets after getting back to form.

This account is my former Alt that I used purely for NPSI but I’m transitioning it to my main. Best place to contact me is in game! I’ll monitor the thread if anyone has any questions and looking forward to flying.

Hey Fox,

Its good to see you are looking for a new adventure because I believe we have the place for you.

I am part of a C4 Corporation containing a C3/C5 Static.

We are Bomber/Blops friendly and have fleets for those activities.

We have an older playbase and we do not have mandatory CTAs because we understand real life comes first.

We are an explorer friendly corporation with long WH chains, bookmarking system and pre-scanned signatures. We also offer a competitive buyback program.

We offer SRP for Strategic events.

We would certainly love to have you on board with us.

It would be great to connect with you so please send me a message or stop by our discord as shown below if you think we may be what you are looking for.

Fly safe and hope to hear from you o7

Morning Fox,

Your approach to the game and experience sounds very familiar to ours; we all got jobs, come have kids and life comes before the game - which we play for fun!

We’re a small WH corp living out of a C2 with HS and C3 static. We’re mainly veterans similar to yourself, have played across all sectors of EVE. Our oldest member is in his 50’s and our average age is probably early/mid 30’s to give you some idea. Primarily in the EU timezone but our US pilots would be mad if I failed to mention they existed - there are a few and we’re defeinitely looking for more to join them!

We promote ourselves as new player friendly; we’re able to teach and bring people up to speed. Not necessarily brand new, maybe jsut new to Wormholes…

As you can imagine, bombers and such are incredibly useful in wormholes. BLOPs not so much so, but opportunities for that content does present itself from time to time and well, we do love a good catch and can certainly support it if there are active hunters!

I’d be interested in bringing you onboard; drop us a mail in-game if it sounds like something of interest!

Whatever you decide, best of luck and welcome back to EVE!

We would definitely welcome someone with PvP and EvE experience, as we are a new corp with a very good PvP history in Faction Warfare (Faction warefare is the guarantee that there is 24/7 fleets, content). We would love to have someone to help with building a strong members and leadership.

Regarding your interest, we would love to have someone with stealth bomber skills and tackle for roaming.

If you are interested let me know:

Social infrastructure sounds like it would be a good fit for you… We do quite a bit of exploration and site running. We also like to partake in group gas harvesting which is quite profitable profitable. We do have a corp buy back. And we are currently getting our blocks Ops infrastructure in place.

We have a great tightened community. It’s super fun to be on our calms and we generally have a good time. If you’re interested I’ll give you a discord link and drop in and say Hi and see for yourself.

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