Steam launcher crashes instantly

I press play, nothing happens then the launcher crashes without even showing up. I have Proton set to experimental. I am on Debian buster.

Did you read the other threads here? Theres bunches of problems with Steam, and at some point it worked with an experimental proton (GE?) and then another update crashed it. So its known.

Its working with little issues on the Lutris (dxvk+esync). When you get to update the launcher in the end… just cancel the update, if that last update goes thru… it will also stop working.

Also, its been reported that if you switch to the beta launcher it might work, just not sure if it will work on steam.

Same Issue, Steam broken for me as well (Ubuntu 20.04). But I’m able to play Eve with Lutris.

To fix EVE through steam, use this

There’s instructions how to use his releases, last 2 versions include the patch for the eve launcher as far as i know. It works but you might experience a new bug on windowed modes (right click doesnt work, camera and window resizing/placement are bugged)

I fix it by installing grorious egg (search a tutorial on youtube about how to install it) and deleting the eve prefix folder, the folder is in your_steam_path->steamapps->compatdata just delete the folder named 8500 and start the game. But i got a new problem, the game doesn’t get the cursor position when it’s windowed so i only can play with the fixed window option (make sure it’s the same resolution as your screen) or fullscreen, it’s really anoying as i use my second screen while i play. If someone know how to fix it please let me know.

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Nevermind, I just fixed it by installing windows 10.

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