Stellar Fleets - Not War Eligible - Come learn and make some isk!

Stellar Fleets offers opportunities for newbros and vets alike to come together, learn from each other, relax and make some isk.

We don’t get involved in politics, but operate as a neutral entity. You’re welcome to have other toons in other corps if you want to experience that side of Eve.

We are a community of players who are all capable or at least learning how to fly in a fleet. This will allow Stellar Fleets to take full advantage of any events that CCP throws at us! So we’re not restricting our specific activities, and members are more than welcome to make suggestions and even get something going. we operate as a meritocracy so ideas and people are selected according to merit. If it makes sense and people want to do it then we incorporate it.

☆ PVE ☆

Mission running - We have a focus on PvE fleets and missions. But this is quite broad. In the beginning we are looking at smaller fleet activities like running level 4 missions (which can be done solo). Our leadership has experience running incursions (HQ’s, Assaults and VG’s) as well as breaking FOBs and most of the events. As the corp grows and member activity increases we’ll expand into these areas as a corp.

Mining - Soon but we won’t invest into mining until CCP have made moons/mining more valuable. We have a huge amount of experience running and managing large mining fleets and moons. For now we will help boost players to strip belts, but mining is not the priority yet.

Target for absolute newbros being able to make 20m an hour and more experienced players being able to make 200m per hour.

☆ PvP ☆

NPSI - We promote transfering those PvE skills into the world of PvP through the participation in public NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) fleets. These are zero politics fleets where if they are not with you then you fight.

We look forward to seeing you!

To apply you can search for Stellar Fleets in game, drop me a message here in the forums and our discord is a grand place to chat, come and have a conversation

What we require:

Living Entity aged 18 or over (otherwise our humor and language could cost our RL jobs)
No minimum Skill Points (Alpha toons welcomed)

It’s been a good day chatting with new players and reminiscing with some of the returning players about “ye old days” in eve.

We are actively recruiting so if you are thinking of seeing if we are a good fit then reach out here, in-game or on our Discord.

It has been a while since I have done the grind of mission running and last nights session was a blast. I highly recommend running them with fellow corp members as it greatly improves the entertainment value / fun per hour.

Don’t forget the VG fleet this weekend!

I am very pleased that our new fits for Vanguards worked out well. Some minor tweaking done but some good isk now in my wallet :smiley:

We are still on the recruitment drive and keeping an eye out for the opportunities we can capitalize on when the industry changes are implemented.

Come do the High Sec thing with us.

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