Newbro Seeks Corp

US Time Zone. 4.5m SP.

As the title might suggest, I am a newbro beginning to seek corp options (I am currently in a newbro focused corp). I am not in a hurry in this process; I will probably not be choosing for at least a couple weeks or longer. I have no strong preferences of locale, though that may be an ambivalence born of ignorance.

Some things of note:

  • While I do not mind VC for fleets, I do not want to be on it near-constantly outside of them. I am aware that this will filter a number of options, and I am okay with this.

  • PvP is not a priority for me. If PvP is the primary focus of your corp, I will probably not be a good fit. That said, I do and would enjoy periodic PvP fleets.

I enjoy:

  • Exploration, and being cloaky in general.

  • Hauling.

  • Mining, though more with other people than not.

  • Being undocked and doing things.

  • Playing Logi or otherwise supporting roles in fleets.

  • Being in a supportive role in general.

I do not enjoy:

  • Manufacturing as more than an occasional personal project.

  • Abyssals.

  • Missions, though they’re fine in moderation.

I will reiterate that I will not be choosing soon; I am shopping for options, as it were.

Think that’s everything, so I pass the mic.

Hello Nadia :wave:
I have a start up community that i am building up that you might be able to help build up or just a part of and grow as the community grows. We are very new player friendly so there should be no issues with you taking a part of our content or our fleets.

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You Are Welcome With Us.
Come Join us

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Still out to browse.

Sup Nadia.
You can find some info about our corp in the link provided!
We offer lots of teaching and mentoring as well as Years worth of EVE experience!

Would you like to know more?

  • Jaded
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Still out for corps to browse. OP has been edited to reflect rough SP.

Final bump for now.

Come check us out we are new bro friendly and fit your needs.

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