PVE Group For New Players!


My name is Eldred Cain. I am running a group open to everyone that is aimed at helping new players make money! We do fleets for ratting and mining in all types of space (wormhole, highsec, lowsec, null).

It doesn’t matter what ingame corp you are part of, anyone is welcome to join one of our fleets. Ships will be handed out at jita and any unfamiliar game mechanics will be taught before continuing to the chosen isk making activity for that day.

Interested? Join the ingame channel: “Forever NPSI” Or the discord!


I’m curious about what a “PVE” NPSI fleet actually does? Do you harass stray asteroids? Shoot aggressively posed monuments? Despoil wrecks left behind by mission runners?

Inquiring minds want to know!


What is ‘PVE NPSI’?

NPSI is indeed ‘not purple shoot it’, which implies you are looking for people to attack who are not in your fleet, because fleet = purple.

PVE means you do not fight players, but engage with the game environent (player versus environment), because attacking other players would be PVP.

Is it just me, or is ‘NPSI’ mutually exclusive with ‘PVE’? I.e.: you are looking for players to attack who are not in your fleet, and also do not attack anyone?


After mining for 75 minutes, you disband fleet to announce the start of a FFA mining ship brawl at the asteroid belt?

Alright, fleet is over guys!
drops fleet and starts shooting

Anyway, aside from those points, good luck with your fleets! Hope you get a nice group going, EVE sure is more fun to play with others!


This sounds like a corporation minus the commitment, work, and benefits of one.


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What’s there not to understand? They form a public fleet, do PvE content (Mining, L4s, EpicArcs, WH sites, 0.0 anos, TrigHunting, Abyssals whatever) together and agree not to shoot each other as long as the operation lasts. Others who run into their guns or try to mess with the fleet are simply shot (probably except by those in the fleet who are blue to the outsider). When they have done their PvE, they will most likely meet at some highsec station, profits are shared and everyone goes their way until they meet the next time.

Public fleets are not uncommon, who says they have to be be PvP focused all the time?

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Can I participate in the mining ship brawl part without the 75 minutes of mining part? I’ve been working on a pvp build for a venture.

Seems a bit of a tautology, as by definition NPCs will be ‘not purple’. Unless one is panning to attack faction warfare fleets…but that would be total chaos as the members of one’s fleet might be from different sides. So really the ‘NP’ bit is irrelevant and its a ‘lets bash NPCs’ fleet.

Hey everyone! Sorry for taking a bit to respond. This guy sumed it up well. Yes NPSI is a less than perfect way to describe what I am doing, but I used the term because most people are familiar with it. My group is similiar to any incursion group that is open to everyone, it runs in a very similiar way. We meet up in a highsec system (like jita) and handout ships. Then we do any isk making activity that was chosen for that day (mining, group wormhole ratting, gas harvesting). My goal is to help new players make isk and learn game mechanics in a easy way. To help with this goal I plan to use very low skill point ships and wormholes to reach lowsec and null without making fleets too lengthy.


You get the benefits of a structured fleet, handout ships and isk making, without any of the MANY requirements a lot of even the most casual corps make you go through. Think spectre fleet but for mining ratting and missioning.

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I rephrased my post, sorry about the confusion.

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Ignore the hangar queens.

I think it’s a fine idea. And props for doing what none of these NPCs do. You are creating content.

Keep up the creative ideas.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


How do you plan to handle combat?

Part of the reason NPSI fleets work is they don’t care if a rando joins who is spying on them… because that rando is bringing the point of the fleet (space explosions) to the rest of the fleet.

I don’t foresee it working the same way when your fleet’s goal is not PvP but ISK-making instead.

I’m excited for my PvE NPSI adventure!

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I’m a newbro looking for a fleet invite yet you will never invite me to one of your PvE NPSI adventure fleets!

Well probably that will be an issue, I am not the first group to do pve fleets open to the public, so i am confident with the right precautions I can make it work.

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