Stick and Stones - PVP

Greetings Capsuleers:

Stick And Stones is a corporation under the Alliance of Vastly Outnumbered.

We are looking to recruit Pvp focused pilots.

In addition to new members, we are always looking for those willing to teach and impart their knowledge.
We are in need of experienced logi as well as FCs.

Generally, daily PvP fleets take place on an alliance level. as well as mining and indy in the off time to keep isk flowing for the newbros.

Within the alliance there is buyback programs for ore and items as well as hauling services. as well as much room to move up in corp.

  • 5 Mill SP
  • Discord chat

Message Ragnal Lothbork or Malimus Korvenus to get an invitation sent your way.

Or Join our Discord recruitment channel!

What timezones do you operate in? And what region of space?

We operate in Genesis. As for TZ we are strong in EU and US.

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