Stonehenge Trading is recruiting - indy/trade/mining/PvP

Exciting new corp building from the ground up! Based a few jumps from Jita, we are perfectly-positioned to crush ISK and offer a dream setup for indy, trade, and mining, and we are setting up a PvP flight wing to satisfy the pew-pew in all of us.

We supply a solid base of operations in highsec only 3 jumps from Jita, 2 jumps from lowsec, with 2 rigged Azbels - 0.0% market, rigs for copy/invent/research, large ship/adv components/drones/fighters, and a clone bay.

If you’re tired of grinding it out in the ranks, or sick of being alone in an NPC corp and feel you’re ready to make a difference in a promising new corp, let’s talk!

Catch us at Stonehenge Recruiting

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Huum you made me think very deep miss

For those MINERS asking, yes, we are working on arranging a SHIFT BOSS to run our ops (with boosts), and there is a short-term plan to install and operate reprocessing/refineries.


Still recruiting -

bump - still recruiting

Bump - we need leaders!

Bump - actively recruiting!

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