Storm Chasers. 0.0 Recruiting

Storm Chasers. is a corporation of PVP minded nullsec industrialists! We are part of Pandemic Horde Alliance. Our in game channel: STORM-Diplo

We are an active corp in all timezones, welcoming new and veteran pilots to nullsec with amazing PVP opportunities, ISK making and industrial services from corp held moons to alliance held keepstars and sotiyos for building anything in Eve.

  • PVP: Based in nullsec, welcoming new PVP pilots we have opportunities to shoot small gang roamers, run Needlejack filament roams as well as large fleet combat with the alliance supported by a Ship Reimbursement Program (SRP)!
  • Null Sec Mining: Ores and more ice belts than we can mine, with public alliance and Corp provided moons for members. Rorqual mining is also protected by a standing alliance capital defense fleet along with subcap defense for Corp mining ops.
  • Industry: We can make and research everything from Frigates to Capitals, Small to XL modules, rigs and anything else in Eve. Corp blueprints available to members for your own use or be part of a big industrial corp project!
  • Ratting & PVE: All styles of ratters are welcome, corp members run abyssal sites, nullsec subcaps with Capital and Marauders running CRAB beacons with a response fleet, you can find a quiet spot and make some ISK!

If you are looking for a home in New Eden with the desire to have fun and learn or teach then feel free to drop in to our diplomatic ingame-channel: STORM-Diplo or contact discord: Chi Aki#2554, Rathon_Altol, Mohenjo#0269, Guardian#7490