Stormwing Security

Stormwing Security
A small group of men and women enjoying their eve life! through PvE, Mining or any other activity you can find yourself doing. We support all our corp members and accomidate all with our friendly atmosphere and dedicated fleets.
For you, we offer;
Orca supported mining fleets.
PvE fleets FC’d by experienced players.
Ore buy back program.
Our own discord server.

What does it take to be a winger? A fun loving attitute and a love for the dark humor.
18+ Reccomended
All sp levels accepted

We-re Still recruiting

I’m interested in joining. I’ve sent you an in-game mail =D

We’re still recruiting

we’re still recruiting

Where are you based? (Just curious).

Highsec, 6 jumps from Amarr

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