That was funny! Thank you for sharing.

A legend told by our shamans, of how the sun was tamed.

In the elder days Pator was wild and untamed. His wrath was legendary, causing great harm to the people, burning crops and turning the land into desert. Yet he could also be distant, plunging the world in darkness and cold. He had little regard for those other than himself, and would not heed the call of the other spirits, not even the Old Mother. At times he would travel quickly across the sky, making the days short and the nights long. At others, he would pace lazily, taking his time and blinding all with his light. He did what he wanted because he had no one to fear, for who could challenge the sun?

And so it was that the people suffered. Many councils were called. Man and spirit both pleaded with Pator, sacrifices or offerings were made, but all this did was feed suns pride. Then, a young warrior, looking to prove his might and end the suffering of his people rose up to challenge the Sun Spirit. Amused that one would dare challenge him, he accepted. When he arrived at the appointed hour, his radiance shone brightly and it scared those that had come to witness, All but the warrior.

For 4 days, and 4 nights, the warrior wrestled with Pator. The battle raged, and neither man nor spirit could gain the upper hand. For all his strength, Pator found that the warrior’s spirit was a match for his own. And so, on the morning of the 5th day, Pator relented, out of respect for the young warrior, and for the first time the Sun spirit regarded another as an equal. Since that day, Pator has measured his strength, and steadily walks the sky.

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Thank you for sharing. This was entirely new to me, though some storytellers beginning with “long time ago, when the sun was still young” is maybe an echo of it.