Stratotech Industries - Integrity in Industry

Hello, dear fellow capsuleers!

Industry based corporation with a cheesy slogan and a relaxed but motivated approach now open for recruitment.

We operate in Null sec. We are involved in Moon mining, Manufacturing, Research, Reactions, PVE and small gang PVP as the situations arrise.

UK/EU based TZ
Relaxed but motivated approach
Alliance Ore/item buyback scheme at 85% Jita.
Doctrine fits replacement program.
Extensive PI in multiple systems, If the skills allow it there’s alot of money.

Currently looking for Miners, Industrialists, PVE and PvP pilots.

Join us, we have cookies or so they told me too, in the “Stratotech Recruitment” channel


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i am brand new looking for people to play with and to help me learn the game

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Hello DrAgZLewis Muvila,

Unfortunately, we are looking for people with some experience of Eve currently since Null Security is a tad bit different than the highsec, in the meantime, you can finish all of the Career Missions that are offered after the Tutorial is completed for some ships/information of the game and some of the shiny loot. Eve Help chat is always there to help as well if you do have any questions, so don’t hesitate to use it, ppl will provide you the information as needed. If you have any questions about Eve, you can hit me ingame as well, and I will be gladly able to help. But in the meantime, Fly safe and smart and lastly don’t forget to enjoy the game o/.


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We are still recruting :darkbeerparrot:

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Hey there.
I’ve been on ice for the last 4-5 years (maybe more?). And now I’m thinking back into the game.
I’m not looking for something hardcore. I’m mostly interested in finding some new people to talk while doing pew-pew to some ships… or asteroids xD


Sorry for the delayed response, hit me up ingame or Fyr Cassell or simply join our ingame chat channel “Stratotech Recruitment” and someone will be with you shortly with details. :wink:

Most of us are from days long by and brushing ice from our shoulders as we speak :smiley: so all new faces are welcome!!!

Roughly, what area of the maps are you located?

Etherium Reach mate. It’s a good area with a good Alliance.

Just saw your ad mate.
We are mainly UK/EU tz based although we have members from US and NZ too. I am UK myself.
We are relatively small at the moment and young for a corp living in Null sec. We are a null sec corp though and looking to grow. We are active and support the alliance we are in with mining, industry and PvP. The Alliance is not particularly big but it is an old Alliance and has a lot of experience in it’s Leadership. We are finding our feet in it and having fun doing so.
As far as Goonswarm go we don’t have anything specifically against them as such but I don’t think they are going to win any kind of popularity contests with the Alliance and associated blues we have :joy:
From the stuff you put in your ad we might be something close to what you are looking for.
Come and have a chat when you get the chance. If we aren’t what you need maybe we can point you towards someone we know. Some of us have been playing a long time.

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