FW - Minmatar
AU / NZ Timezone

We have re-opened our recruitment for STRAYA.!

If you’re interested in joining and want to know more please join our Discord here: The-Wreckoning

STRAYA. is Eve’s premier AUTZ FW corporation, we specialize in FW PVP. Low-sec PVP and all forms of FW content, if you’re interested in getting involved with an organized group of chill players then this is the place for you.

We’re taking all newcomers to the game, players wanting to try out FW, and veterans just wanting to be part of an active group of players!

We are sponsored by the best Australian Timezone null sec corporation Van Diemen’s Demise (a member of Northern Coalition.). What does that mean? It means you get access to the best AU TZ FCs in the game and will be flying with members of the Null Sec corporation.

Our Killboard: Straya. | Corporation | zKillboard

What we’re looking for
Good kunts that don’t take themselves too seriously, be useful within the corp and alliance it’s a team game after all, and want to PVP more than anything else.

The particular skill set we’re after is as follows:
- Active KB
- Working Mic and Active on comms/discord/community
- Willingness to put your hand up to help where necessary
- Alpha and Omega friendly!

What we offer
- AU/NZ TZ Content
- FW Content
- Regular Fleets
- Small gang PVP
- What some would call an overly active discord and community
- Industry

How do I apply?

Join our discord here: Link. Speak to one of our recruiters, get to know the corp and the community

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