🇦🇺 AUTZ? FKYEA! 🇦🇺

:australia: AUTZ? FKYEA! :australia:

  • Just joined and have no idea what to do? :ok:
  • Returned to the game because you had no idea what to do last time? :ok:
  • Been playing the game, know what you’re doing but want to use the word c**t more? :ok:
  • Do you like the idea of blowing up yours and other people’s space ships? :ok:

Straya. [FKYEA] is a long-running pvp corp, sponsored by one of the strongest AUTZ entities in the game, Van Diemen’s Demise (a member of Northern Coalition.). While we are sponsored by VDD we like to remain independent of their operations while still having direct access to their FCs, experience and occasional muscle.

We have re-opened recruiting for Straya., based the corp in Low-Sec and encourage any AUTZ player to come and join us. Whether this is your first day in EVE or a long-time player looking for a change, as long as you enjoy watching your spaceship die repeatedly you will be welcome.

We also have info and ALPHA SWAGS for new players and alpha accounts. So even if you are an established AUTZ player and just want to hang out with some genuine blokes and shielas, make an alpha account and app. to Straya. in game, or join us on our public discord and poke a recruiter.


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Good place for new and returning bros to get some kills (and losses) onto the KB.



if your new or old hell even if your a weekend keyboard warrior id strongly recommended giving Straya a little of your time as i can pretty much promise you will have a fair amount of fun and make some new friends along the way.

This is not a paid advertisement.


Great bunch of blokes in game as well as out of game well worth giving it a go, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Plus one

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