Straylight Systems - Seeking seasoned pilots

Straylight is a specialized nullsec/lowsec PVP corporation with a strong logistical backbone, and a core member of Who Dares Wins, one of New Eden’s most feared Black Ops outfits.

Who Dares Wins - Blackout (Produced by Straylight Systems)

The variety of opportunities available to us - and our strong history as a corp - tend to appeal more directly to seasoned combat pilots.

  • Constant fleet action, large and small
  • Supercapital hunting
  • Nanogangs, needlejacks and wormhole dives
  • R64 moon mining availability

As a corp here to support you on these endeavours, we offer a number of compelling services:

  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Capital Acquisition Program
  • Jump Freighter Logistics
  • Full Industrial Support

If you are interested in learning more join our in-game public channel ‘Straylight Systems Public’ or jump on our Discord here:

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