Straylight Systems seeking capable, laid-back pilots

Welcome to the Straylight, pilot. Thanks for taking the time!

Let’s get straight to the point. We are a specialized nullsec PVP corporation with a strong logistical backbone. Straylight pilots tend to be laid-back, experienced, and opt for small gang warfare over gigantic fleets.

Our operations include: Black Ops, Conventional Fleets, Roams, Gate Camps, Capital Ops, and Industry of all types.

Have a look at our killboard:

We do:

  • Believe in honour.
  • Believe every pilot should have a say.
  • Value personality over technical skill.

We do not:

  • Fight for sovereignty.
  • Pay rental fees.
  • Expect our pilots to log in every day.

We offer a number of compelling services:

  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Daily PVP
  • Corp Freighter Logistics from Empire
  • Mining & Manufacturing alt corp
  • Corp Rank System
  • Teamspeak and Slack Server

Jump in our Public channel, Straylight Systems Public, to speak with a recruiter or send an in-game mail to Praetor Altaris or Damian Lansing.

If you’re sick of sov warfare and enjoy small gang warfare, you’re going to love it here. Come chat with us in-game or jump on Slack:

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