Straylight Systems - Small gang pvp, black ops, industry in NPC 0.0

Welcome to the Straylight, pilot. Thanks for taking the time!

Lets get straight to the point. We are a specialized nullsec PVP corporation with a strong logistical backbone.

Our operations include: black ops, nano roams, conventional fleets, and even mining ops for when you just want to kick back. We’ve also settled a black hole for when you want something a little different.

We do:

  • Believe in honour.
  • Believe every pilot should have a say.
  • Value personality over technical skill.

We do not:

  • Fight for sovereignty.
  • Pay rental fees.
  • Expect our pilots to log in every day.

We offer a number of compelling services:

  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Free Capital/Black Ops (based on participation)
  • Corp Freighter Logistics from Empire
  • Mining & Manufacturing
  • Corp Rank System
  • Teamspeak and Slack Server

If you are interested in learning more join our in-game public channel ‘Straylight Systems Public’

and which region are you in?