Stryker Industries - US/EUTZ - Low Class Wormhole PVP

Stryker Industries, one of the premier low-class wormhole corporations, is looking for new members.
We are a PVP-oriented group of players, and we currently live in a C2 wormhole with a highsec and a C3 static.
We use Pathfinder for mapping.

We are a good fit for you if:

  • You like PVP, or you want to learn PVP.
  • You like (or at least you are willing to do) probe scanning.
  • You are comfortable using voice comms (Discord)

To learn more you can contact ORACOM, Breach Baldric or myself in game, or join the Stryker_Public chat channel and ask for a recruiter.

We offer:

  • Citadels that you can live in.
  • Clone bays.
  • Indy modules.
  • A decent killboard
  • Access to a great planet selection for PI.
  • Great ratting opportunities in the C3 static (no taxes on blue loot)
  • Round the clock players to go hunting for victims with.
  • Rewards to you for finding juicy targets. You keep the loot.
  • Fleet ops with our friends

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

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