Looking for (wormhole/industrial) PvP Corp or regular Fleet dedicated towards attacking Goonswarm / Imperium

Short introduction: I have 2 mining/industrial/PI alts/accounts (Birth 2016) through which I am financially independent at around 20M SP. I most likely want to move these into wormhole Space. The profits of these 2 go into my third account, which is for PvP, just recently started at 6M SP, but soon to be injected with more.
I am looking for EU timezone either:

  1. regular fleets or corp dedicated at attacking Goon / Imperium forces for my PvP toon;
  2. A Wormhole (or 0-sec group) for my 2 industrial toons;
  3. Or a (small) EU wormhole where we combine industry and going out for roams against preferably Imperium forces.

I enjoy basically all aspects of EVE, and now looking for a further direction to develop. For the game balance I feel the Imperium is becoming to big, so I want to use my PvP time for rebalancing them back into something smaller.
I am also open if any players want to start a new wormhole corp with these objectives: a few production structures in a wormhole, and our PvP alts somewhere out close to Imperium space for fleet-roams.

I work a busy job in Switzerland, so mainly online during weekends.

Thank you and see you in space!!

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Hello Future MDLAB Pilot.

we are a RL First, PvP Corporation and part of the WinterCo. with our home deep in detorid.
We have every Content available you can imagine :wink:

from small scale to BLOPS to SOV Warfare
from Assault Frigs to Battleships to Capitals
from Ratting to Mining to baiting in MiningBarges

You want to build Stuff? Your Welcome we have lots of Structures for every Industry Job.

You want to Blow Up Stuff? We too, Join us! We Fight Goons pretty often :smiley:

Our Corp, Alliance and Coalition is very active over all Timezones.

Check us out MDLAB: New Eden’s Medical Laboratory

Fly Safe and Drop us a Mail o7

Skyy X - Recruiter - EUTZ (Eng, Ger)
Admiral Kroma - Ceo - USTZ (Eng)
Abel Galetrix - Director / Recruiter - USTZ (Eng)
Coillaa - Director - EUTZ (Eng, Ger)

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Do you think your anti-imperium crusade might be better served by joining in NPSI fleets like Bombers Bar? A group like that can muster enough numbers to hit out and kill rorquals before Goons respond.

We over in ECHO are looking for pilots (our low class WH fits perfectly for your 2 industrial toons) but the main corps are not EUtz. We have a few EU guys but might not be enough for your goals. Our ingame channel is “Echo Vision” if you’re interested. Either way GL on standing up for the little guys in Eve o/

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