Stryker Industries - WH PvP looking for EUTZ and more, we have Avocados

Stryker Industries is recruiting!

We’re a wormhole corporation living in a C2 with a Null-Sec and C5 static. As part of the growing alliance Ocularis Inferno we’re primarily focused on PvP. Roaming and rage rolling the Null static as well as venturing through J-space to find explosions to be made.

All you need is to bring a healthy attitude and some willingness to be an active part of an awesome group of likeminded players.

We primarily look to extend EUTZ, but all other time zones are welcome, too.

What do you get?

  • Pathfinder for mapping
  • Discord for communication
  • SRP for specific doctrines
  • Regular PvP in the NSS and WH space - small gang, ganks, doctrine fights
  • Industry (Mining, PI, Production)

What do you need?

  • Must be Omega
  • Some form of regular activity. Constantly being AFK defeats the purpose of being part of a group.
  • Ability to talk on comms - Communication is key!
  • Willingness to skill into our doctrines
  • Motivation to find content. Be the lure at the end of the fishing pole. The more the better.
  • Patience, because WH space is pretty much total silence disturbed by moments of sheer panic.

Living with Stryker is pretty chill, we always put RL first.
As we are part of Ocularis Inferno alliance, there’s almost round the clock activity.

Most important rule to join and stay: Don’t be a dick! We’re all here for fun, laughs and a good fight.

TL;DR: Living in a wormhole - PvP focused NS/J-Space - come have a chat.

Ways to contact us:

In-Game Chat: STR Public
Recruiters: Leon Vargil



Still looking for more guns!

Still looking for more EUTZ pilots.

Still looking for more EUTZ or late USTZ people!

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