Suddenly Pineapples - WH PVP 5-5 [EUTZ]

SUCCI coming to a chain near you! SoonTm

Suddenly Pinapples. [SUCCI] is a new corp to Wormhole space living out a 5-5 made up of experienced players looking to start a fresh. We are a PvP first focused corporation which means our focus is on PvP & our krabbing goes directly into affording PvP ships.

As stated we are a new corporation, therefore we are looking for people enthusiastic in starting something new & not sitting afk in one the existing bloc groups. You can expect to fly non-meta doctrines, participate in larger organised ops & not have any blues.

We live in a C5 - C5, but no one pays attention to structure tickers so shhhhhhhh…

We offer the following:

  • Experienced Wormhole members to fly alongside & learn from
  • Off the cuff fights & ganks from our chain
  • Larger organised ops including rage rolling sessions
  • PvE opportunities from krabbing in the chain
  • IT services including Discord, Tripwire, Mumble & other internal tools

Our requirements

  • Can fly Guardian (Logi 5) or Leshak
  • Can fly Basilisk (Logi 5) or Scorpion Navy Issue
  • Have either previous Wormhole or PvP experience
  • Either enjoys scanning, can scan, or has Cloaking to level 1
  • A Dictor or Scanner Alt (exceptions may be made)

Check out our awful short videos created courtesy of our CEO!

Our Zkill is here!

Finally, interested in joining? Come say hi on our Discord!

I’m a jumping mah wormhole!