Suddenly Spaceships (Mind Games) is Back and Recruiting!

Still looking for quality PvPers, Suddenly Spaceships. Public :slight_smile:


Get in touch with our recruiters, join today! It’s a good time to be in wormholes :smiley:

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More dudes!
Join our Public Channel: Suddenly Spaceships. Public and get in touch !

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Up to the top! Daily pew, awesome crew both new and old. Growing community both in and out of EvE. What’s not to like? :+1:t3:

We are still recruiting active players with good attitude


Still looking for active PvPers!

Join our public channel to chat to a recruiter then come shoot stuff.

We had a slow weekend as some of us are flying out for Fanfest!
If you’re going to iceland this year and you can find one of us, feel free to hit us up for a beer or just general chatter.

We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have and it’s always nice to meet fellow Eve players in Person, may it be to just Hang out for a drink or to share storys of new and old crusades.

Suddenly Spaceships is Family and if you haven’t found your Place in New Eden yet, then your search may end just here.

Get in touch with us and join “Suddenly Spaceships Public


back to the top!


More more more!

Always after good pilots!

Back to the top. Come fry pancakes with us!

to the TOP!

Back to the top!

Was not impressed by this person to recruit. Decided to ignore his trolling. Trolling was 2/10 at most. Appreciate the review, we will fully endeavour to improve our recruitment policies taking on board your constructive criticism. I hope you enjoyed your brief stay! :smiley:

We’re still actively PvPing and recruiting. Why not pop into our channel and see?

Long standing tradition in the corp to not let in spies and awoxers

Still looking for active PvPers

AUTZ welcome too, we like our upside-down friends! :smiley: