Suggestion: Micro Warp Drive Feedback Script

The Goal
Unscrew the large scale low-risk long-range hit and run meta without screwing over small gang pvp.

Micro Warp Drive Feedback Script
Used with (launcher group) Warp Disrupt Field Generator

This script can be loaded into a warp disruption field generator to modify the disruption field to reduce the effectiveness of Micro-Warp Drives. For each ship within range the effectiveness of this script is increased starting at X% and increasing by X% (up to 100%) for every ship in range. This module does not stop Warp Drive activation.

X=(100/Max Desired Gang Size)%

The Idea
In order to stop a large fleet it would require and Heavy Interdictor with this script and another Heavy Interdictor running an interdiction bubble. Making it scale based on the number of ships in range hurts large fleets without being a serious issue to small gangs.

Problems Though
Would hurt server performance. As this would require a true false calculation of determining if the ship is in range, a sum of all ships in range, and then a calculation of the effect.

Edit 1: This effect does not stack.

why not just an aoe web instead? same effect but much simpler.

It’s called a burst projector

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