SUPER Cap BPOs for sale

25b a pop contracted privately in HS message me in game or discord PingPangWang#9092

Obligatory bump still up all located in HS.

23B for the Aeon print

willing to do 24?

Aeon and Wyvern pending


sent you a mail ig !

Contract up

Aeon and Wyrven sold

1 nyx and hel pending
1 nyx still free range


2 nyx and hel available

Still up

Bump 3 still up looking for a loving home

Still up


Up up and away

Bumps like on your mom’s upper lip

Buy muh stuffz or my wife will beat me

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Wait… that’s a bad thing?

Which bpo is still available?

Nyxs and hel

I’ll take both please.

Contract to this char in game