WTS Aeon, Hel, Nyx, Wyvern, and Avatar BPOs

All located in Jita 4-4:

  • Aeon ME8 TE14 - 25b

  • Hel ME8 TE14 - SOLD

  • Nyx ME8 TE14 - 28b

  • Wyvern ME8 TE14 - 24b

  • Avatar ME7 TE14 - SOLD

Prices are final unless you’re cute.

BuMp It Up

25.5 for the Hel?

@bucktooth Responded In Game

I’m Cute

Thanks :smiley:

Buy My Stuff

21b for Nyx

@Sonni_Reiser Nope

Buy My Stuff! It is the best stuff! Nobody has stuff as good as mine!

Is 80b possible for Avatar?

@X-Shadow_W Sorry 80b is too low for the avatar bpo.

Interested in the Avatar, messaged you ingame to chat

@mine4ever I responded in game.

3 Super BPOs still for sale. Reasonable offers will be considered.

Be super and buy my BPOs.

Check out my BPOs

Super BPOs 4 Sale.

are you flexible on the nyx bpo?

define flexible

If I write you a haiku about a NYC can I get it for 26? :slight_smile: