WTS Nyx, Hel and Wyvern BPO

WTS the following

Nyx BPO 7/10

Hell BPO 7/10

Wyvern BPO 7/14

Leave an offer below and who to contract it to.


18 B for Wyvern

Hell BPO 7/10 19b

Wyvern BPO 7/14 19b

Looking for a little higher than that. Just a little :wink:

Wyvern 19,5 B. Valid 24 hours

wyvern 20b

Mail sent

Currently in the lead with ingame offer. If no more offer by 08:00 eve time tomorrow I’ll contract to him.
Now 60 for all three

Hell BPO 7/10 20,5b
Wyvern BPO 7/14 20,5b

I will contract you the BPOs for the offered in eve mail.
Thank you.

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