WTS Avatar, Hel and Nyx BPO's

(Cloon McCloon) #1

Have one of each to sell off, will give it a week to see if there is interest, if not back into the copy machine they go.

Avatar BPO is ME7 TE12, - 95b (or will trade for similar ME Leviathan BPO)
Nyx is ME8 TE12, - 26b - SOLD
Hel is ME8 TE12, - 26b - SOLD

Edit: People saying they will research their own… go for it… an Avatar BPO from NPC is 75b, assuming you have access to a safe nullsec rigged research facility, you can get that research done in about 4 months at a cost of about 7b in research costs. In that 4 months you could have already printed off 6 BPC’s with this one and made 24b profit and be ahead.

(Predvodnica LSG) #2

Little to late …

(Cloon McCloon) #3


(The Great Engineer) #4

avatar BPO 90B

(Cloon McCloon) #5

up we go. appreciate the offers, but they are fixed prices.

(Kobe Solette) #6

Hey i would like to buy a nyx bpo can you contract it to kobe solette in jita.

(Par0dy) #7

25 bill for the Hel BPO ?