Super Carrier Changes now on Singularity

Test Pilots,

The recent update to Singularity has brought the brand new Supercarrier work that is due to be release in November.

You will find new items on the in-game market to acquire to try out the tactical recloning ability for yourself.

Tactical Capsuleer Recloner - This module can be fitted to Supercarriers and is a module that requires activation. It will also consume fuel everytime a capsuleer in the same solar system reclones to the Supercarrier through use of this module. The fuel is currently set to Biomass, but will change to another fuel type before launch to Tranquility.
When a tactical capsuleer recloner is active, there is a new tab in the Fleet window that contains a list of all currently active recloners and their locations.

Nanoheuristic Clone Mapper - This is a consumable implant in the style of a booster that will allow for use of the recloner by a capsuleer. This implant will persist through capsule death into the new clone a capsuleer is cloned to. The duration is currently 6 hours which is modified further by the Biology skill.
Supercarriers have also undergone a vast number of graphical changes, including a rescaling of the models themselves, new detailed textures and visual effects, and holographic effects that turn on when launching ships from the ship maintenance bay.

Please report any issues you find during testing on Singularity through the Bug Report tool within the Help Menu.

Known Issues:

  • Audio is currently not present when materializing ships into space.
  • The Supercarrier holographs that appear after materializing a ship are intended to disappear after a duration, currently they do not do this.
  • Particle FX is currently missing around the ship when materializing.
  • VFX for the recloner module activation is currently not working.
  • Some other graphical issues such as popping
  • Blueprints & Industry details for the new items are not complete.
  • Fuel for Tactical Capsuleer Recloner is temporary.
  • Icons for new items are not correct.
  • Combat lot message for when capsuleers reclone at your supercarrier has broken formatting.
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For better or worse, Eve continues to get more complex.


ooo. nice.

Ships with 8 times the volume. (every dimension doubled)

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If there are multiple active recloner bays in the fleet, do you get sent to one at random or is there any pattern to it?

I think this patch will strengthen HAC doctrine which is already OP now. It’s era of cruisers and this is just wrong way. big ships like battleship and capitals are losing so much power against them due to HAC’s fast speed, low price and signature bonus. look how small damage they can apply against HAC. We should really end this meta by making big ships play role as powerful striker, and small ships play role as light skirmish attack. But this super carrier changes are strengthening HAC again! because they are small enough to be carried many numbers in super carrier’s SMB. this thing will kill battleship doctrine again. furthermore, light fighter’s velocity nurf will make carriers harder to chase muninn which is one of the strongest ship now. it wouldn’t be matter if battleship overwhelmed HAC like muninn. because if then, that can make chain of battleships killing muninns, carriers killing battleships, and super killing capitals. but when HACs have no counter in subcap, nurf of light fighter will only make muninn more op. I think supercarrier should be able to only carry battleship class ships(like 30-40 battleships) in their hanger to prevent this happen. and light fighter’s velocity nurf should be done only to supercarrier. not to normal carriers.

It’s just never ending story for CCP - “ships balance nightmare”. From year to year they buff / nerf specific class of ships along with whines coming after that. By adding new hulls and subclasses or modules they make everyone’s life more complicated. A simple example of how they killed T3 cruisers which been dominating for long enough and smashing any BS blobs easily.
So the HACs time will end for sure, sooner or later.

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What can you do about ship insurance? The best option I have right now is the Gnosis doesn’t have insurance anyway. If it was going to be a more expensive hull though, you don’t have the opportunity to insure things.

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